updated 22-Aug-2011

Si(Li) Detector Repairs

eumeX is your professional service partner for EDS (EDX) and XRF detectors for more than 15 years now. Besides a thourough evaluation we offer...

We evaluate and repair liquid nitrogen cooled Si(Li) detector systems of all manufacturers and of all ages. E.g. from Kevex, EDAX, Tracor, Noran, LINK, Oxford, PGT, etc.

Repair of Kevex EDS and XRF systems

Since April 2008 we're able to offer you full service all around your Kevex EDS and XRF systems, like the Kevex Analyst 5100, 770, 7000, 8000, Delta, etc. We're hereby taking over an assignment from the former GETAC Instrumentebau GmbH.

You can rely on a wide spectrum of original spare parts and our highly experienced service engineer, Otto Kasten.